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April 16, 2007 by Paul Chappell
not-ashamedWe had the great privilege of hosting the West Coast Baptist Youth Conference here in Lancaster last week. Our theme “Not Ashamed” was taken from Romans 1:16 and was greatly used in the hearts of the teenagers who came from all over America.
We truly need a generation of teens who will stand up for Christ. It seems that teens without Christ are not ashamed of their rock-n-roll music, body piercings, or tattoos. We need teens who will not be ashamed of Christ, the Word of God, the Gospel, and the local church.
I thank God for the hundreds of teens who made decisions—including the more than forty who received Christ as Saviour—at this conference.
I shared the following message with the teenagers in the last general session. I share it with you so that each of us will be challenged to take a stand for the Lord Jesus Christ.
I. I Am Not Ashamed of the Faith of Christ
A. The statement of our faith 2 Timothy 1:12-14
B. The sacrifice for our faith
1. The sacrifice of Jesus Isaiah 53:4-7
2. The sacrifice of Paul Philippians 1:20
3. The sacrifice of John
4. The sacrifice of early martyrs
5. The sacrifice of recent martyrs
II. I Am Not Ashamed of the Family of Christ
A. The people of the church
1. Your saved family 2 Timothy 1:5
2. Your saved friend 1 Peter 4:16-17; Titus 2:6-8
B. The pastor of the church
III. I Am Not Ashamed of the Future with Christ
A. A future of devotion 1 Peter 1:14-16
1. Devotion to Christ Philippians 3:10
2. Devotion to Christian service
B. A future of dedication
1. To study the Word 2 Timothy 2:15-18
2. To share the Word 2 Timothy 2:2

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  1. We need youth directors in our churches that know to teach true character and commitment to God and the Bible. We loose the majority of youth after high school because their lives are not founded upon the Bible.

    Comment by Steve Jones — August 31, 2013 @ 5:11 am

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