October 29, 2007 by Paul Chappell

A few weeks ago Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law California Bill SB777. This is a bill that I believe will bring discrimination against Christian teachers and students in the public schools of California.

Because of my strong convictions against this bill, I joined in a press conference with California State Senator George Runner to encourage people to sign a referendum for the bill.

Certainly, these are days to pray for our country. John Adams said, “It is the duty of clergy to accommodate their discourses to the times, to preach against sins as are most prevalent and to recommend such virtues as are most wanted.”

Often, there is so much sin in our culture that pastors are unaware of some of the major strides being taken against the clear teachings of the Word of God in today’s society. Please pray that pastors in our golden state will stand for what is right during this needed time.

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  1. Yes, prayer is of the utmost importance especially at times like these. In New York State we have a huge battle in the Senate trying to stop the same sex marriage bill. However, it has been a struggle. The Hispanic Christian Community has held massive demonstrations against same sex marriage however, the media failed to give us much coverage. It is time for the Christians to not only pray, we must come out of our churches and get active politcally. Our silence is deafing, and inactivity is not pleasing to our Lord Jesus Christ. I am extremely pleased to see that propostion eight in California succeeded, however bills such as SB777 should have been defeated also.

    Comment by Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz — June 13, 2009 @ 12:23 pm

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