1. Growth Points 52: What It Takes to Strive Together

    July 7, 2014 by Paul Chappell

    One of my favorite verses is Philippians 1:27: “Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ: that whether I come and see you, or else be absent, I may hear of your affairs, that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel.”

    When you think about the phrase in that verse “striving together,” you think first of the object of our labor—the gospel message. Why do we strive? For the faith of the gospel!

    But these words “striving together” also highlight the spirit of the work. Not only is what we strive for important, but how we strive makes a difference.

    In this growth points video, I’d like to take a look with you at these two words—striving together—and how they touch on the heart of ministry. What does it take to strive together? And why does it matter?

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  2. What True Patriots Do

    July 4, 2014 by Paul Chappell


    In 1776, American patriots pledged their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” to sign the Declaration of Independence. And then they gave of themselves in unspeakable sacrifice to birth this great nation.

    These men understood that patriotism meant so much more than grabbing the family rifle and charging the red coats. It involved giving whatever was necessary to uphold the God-given values of freedom and equality which they had come to embrace. For many, patriotism meant giving their lives, their families, and their fortunes. They purchased freedom at a heavy personal expense.

    I’m thankful for the heritage of these patriots, statesmen, and soldiers who embraced and upheld freedom—even at the expense of themselves.

    I’m thankful for men and women around the world today (some from our church family) who are sacrificing for continued freedom.

    But more than the patriotism of a soldier, we need another kind of patriotism today. America is in a state of spiritual and moral decline that, frankly, is frightening. We seem to have lost our moral compass and our willingness to sacrifice for the biblical values of truth and righteousness. (more…)

  3. Jesus’ Burden for His Leaders

    July 3, 2014 by Paul Chappell


    We know that Jesus had a great passion for the lost: “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10). Christ’s main passion and overwhelming burden for the lost was that they would be saved.

    But Jesus’ burden for His leaders was manifested in an upper room hours before Calvary when He washed their feet and said:

    If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you. Verily, verily, I say unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord; neither he that is sent greater than he that sent him.—John 13:14–16

    As I recently read this passage in my morning devotions, I was struck by the importance Christ placed on Christian leaders serving one another. We often pray for His passion for souls, but do we pray for His passion to serve? (more…)

  4. An Alert to the Pulpit and the Pew

    June 30, 2014 by Paul Chappell

    Do preachers make too much of preaching? Does biblical preaching amount to mere noise of the sort we’re always wanting to lessen in our busy lives?

    In this video, a morning sermon preached during Spiritual Leadership Conference, Dr. Sam Davison powerfully reasons from the Word of God on the importance of preaching and the resulting importance we should give it in sermon preparation, the act of preaching itself, and partaking of messages.

    In a culture that downplays the importance of preaching, writing it off as “foolishness,” this is a much-needed message. God Himself places high value on the action of preaching. If we lightly esteem something that God highly esteems, are we not lightly esteeming God?

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  5. 5 Ways to Use the Spiritual Leadership Conference Free Workshop Downloads

    June 26, 2014 by Paul Chappell


    Every year, the workshops at Spiritual Leadership Conference cover a wide range of topics and provide many practical helps. This year, however, although we offered more workshops than ever before, we divided them into just two tracks—workmen of God and works of God. Every workshop was focused on providing renewal in one (or both) of these two areas.

    If you were able to attend the conference, you know that between the variety of the topics and the experience of the speakers, there was practical encouragement and help for everyone.

    The good news is that all of these workshops are available for free download at strivingtogether.com. I suggest five ways these downloads may be helpful to you: (more…)