1. Hypocritical Tolerance

    May 20, 2016 by Paul Chappell


    Earlier this week President Obama made an interesting remark in the White House at the Nordic Leaders’ Summit Arrival Ceremony (emphasis mine):

    And we believe in the inherent dignity of every human being. We believe in pluralism and tolerance and respect for free speech and freedom of religion…

    Sounds good, right? I mean, we all believe in tolerance and free speech and freedom of religion….

    No, it sounds hypocritical.

    This is coming from the man who believes in “tolerance” for everyone except those who believe in the biblical family, that Jesus is the only way of salvation, and that there is a moral definition of right and wrong found in Scripture.

    If you believe these things, you’re intolerant—in today’s use of the word. That is why the president included the word pluralism. (more…)

  2. A Three-Fold Challenge to Preachers in the Midst of a Culture Shift

    May 5, 2016 by Paul Chappell


    Christians across America are frustrated. Some are discouraged. Some are fearful. Some are hopeless.

    Our culture is shifting before our very eyes, and there seems to be little to nothing we can do to stop it. We see the decaying morals and we sense the intolerance toward Christians growing around us.

    Pastors, too, become discouraged with it all. Those serving in ministry wonder if there is hope for our nation or for revival.

    But lest we bemoan the difficult times in our country today, could I remind you that the gospel has prospered in even more difficult times in years past.

    In fact, the Apostle Paul is believed to have written the book of 2 Timothy from the Mamertine Prison in Rome. He wrote at an incredibly difficult time both in world history and in his life. Christians everywhere were persecuted, and he knew he was only a short time from his own martyrdom.

    What was his instruction at this critical period? (more…)

  3. When Christians Do Nothing (about Target)

    April 30, 2016 by Paul Chappell


    I don’t believe the response to every social evil is a boycott.

    But when a company publically and forcefully comes out on the wrong side of a moral issue, I don’t believe the correct response is to do nothing either. Especially in America, where we have freedom and our choices—whether they be at the voting polls or where we spend our money—make a difference.

    By now, you’ve heard of Target’s decision to open their gender-specific restrooms and fitting rooms to the opposite gender. The stated reason for this is to be inclusive toward transgender individuals. But considering that the transgender population makes up 0.3 percent (0.003) of the American adult population, I would submit that their reasoning has more to do with “tolerance” being in vogue in America today.

    Regardless of the reason, however, the result is that my granddaughter can be in the restroom at Target and have some guy walk in. And that’s not okay with me. (more…)

  4. A Call to Action

    March 28, 2016 by Paul Chappell


    Besides the looming presidential election, there are two key issues presently facing our country—both of which are issues in which you can make a difference.

    Of course, the most important actions Bible-believing Christians can take are to pray and to witness. These are the direct commands God has given Christians who live in any country and in every era of history.

    American Christians, however, live in a nation where we elect representative leadership. Our phone calls, emails, and letters reach our leaders. We have a voice. And I want to encourage you to use yours today in two ways: (more…)

  5. Announcing My Personal Endorsement of Ted Cruz

    November 2, 2015 by Paul Chappell


    Last week, I gave my personal endorsement of Ted Cruz for President of the United States, and he asked if I would describe why I have done so. (I’d like to note that this is my personal endorsement only, not a ministry endorsement.)

    We are blessed in this election cycle with multiple candidates whose campaign positions are conservative and value based. For that, I am thankful. But to me there are a few areas that set Senator Ted Cruz apart, and I am honored that he asked for my endorsement:

    He is a Christian. Being a Christian is not a requirement for holding public office, but I do appreciate that Senator Cruz shares a clear testimony of being born again through the blood of Christ. There are many politicians that claim the title “Christian” in an election cycle to gain support from evangelicals. Senator Cruz has been unashamed of Christ through the years, before in the Senate and now in the broader political arena of running for President of the United States.

    He is courageous for religious freedom. I’m concerned about the slipping religious freedoms in America today. (My recent minibook describes how Christians must learn to live and witness as a minority here in the United States.) I’ve been grateful for Senator Cruz’s acknowledgment of our threatened freedoms and the marginalization of Christians, and I’m thankful that he’s grafted this issue into his campaign platform. (more…)