1. Prayerful Distinction of a WCBC Graduate

    May 6, 2015 by Paul Chappell


    There was no way I could have known twenty years ago, when we welcomed the first group of students to West Coast Baptist College, what a joy it would be years down the road to see WCBC graduates serving the Lord in fruitful ministry.

    It seems now that wherever I travel to preach (including mission fields), I’m either preaching for or meeting up with WCBC alumni who are faithfully serving the Lord in that area. I so appreciate the labor of our graduates and the spirit with which they serve. It is a thrill to hear—whether in person or via written updates—what the Lord is allowing them to accomplish for Him.

    In today’s twentieth commencement exercises, we welcome some two hundred new graduates to the ranks of our alumni, including the two thousandth WCBC graduate. In just a few short weeks, this graduating class will be scattered around the world spreading the gospel of Christ. (more…)

  2. 14 Highlights from 2014

    December 31, 2014 by Paul Chappell


    I’m not much of a slow-down-and-look-back person. Ask me right now about God’s greatest blessings, and I’m likely to tell you about what happened last Sunday or what I’m looking forward to in the coming days.

    But I did something this December that I don’t normally do: I listed specific highlights of God’s blessings from the past twelve months.

    To be honest, 2014 had its challenges. But it also had its blessings. And as I, with the help of my calendar, looked back over the past twelve months, I was amazed at some of the great blessings God gave our family and ministry in 2014.

    Here are fourteen of the highlights—in the order they came: (more…)

  3. Into the Harvest: The Purpose of West Coast Baptist College

    May 7, 2014 by Paul Chappell


    Since West Coast Baptist College opened its doors in 1995, our goal has never been students, but graduates. Although graduates must first be students, our focus is getting laborers out to the harvest field.

    By the grace of God and to His glory, there are currently almost 1,600 WCBC alumni serving the Lord around the globe. After today’s commencement exercises, that number will jump to over 1,800 alumni. We praise the Lord for the opportunity today to send the largest graduating class yet into the Lord’s harvest.

    As I was praying for this graduating class of 2014, I reviewed our college purpose statement and thought, with thankfulness, of so many of our graduates who are living this out in their ministries today:

    We exist to develop servant leaders with a heart for God who are committed to the Word, compassionate toward the lost, and compelled to change communities for Christ.

    Indeed, we need these kinds of leaders today: (more…)

  4. Investments of Joy

    May 15, 2013 by Paul Chappell


    There are many ways to use your life, but there are only a few ways to invest it.

    One of the greatest joys of my life is training young men and women in the ministry through West Coast Baptist College.

    Today we had the privilege of graduating almost two hundred new laborers for the harvest. Within ninety days, graduates of the 2013 class will be serving the Lord in twenty-five different states and thirteen foreign countries.

    It has been a joy to invest in the lives of these students, making a joint investment in what parents, home pastors, teachers, and others have already poured into their lives.

    Is training people in the ministry difficult? Yes. Is it time consuming? Yes. Are there disappointments? Yes.

    But is it rewarding? A thousand times, yes! (more…)

  5. The Plow Is Calling

    May 9, 2012 by Paul Chappell

    This morning I challenged the seventeenth graduating class of West Coast Baptist College just moments before their commencement exercises began with a simple thought:

    The minute you leave, put your hand to the plow and practice what you have learned.

    Our students have spent four years learning—both in classrooms and through hands-on experience—how to serve as diligent laborers in the harvest. They have labored alongside our church family, and they are leaving their studies with a vision to do something great for God.

    Yet the ministry requires more than a vision. It requires work.

    Jesus said that one who would follow Him as a disciple was committing to “put his hand to the plough” (Luke 9:62). (more…)