1. Dedicating My Granddaughter

    June 20, 2011 by Paul Chappell

    I had the privilege of praying with Jon and Kristine last night to dedicate our second grandchild—Delanie Lynne—to the Lord. Baby dedications at our church are always special to me, but this one was especially precious. There is nothing like dedicating your own grandchildren!

    With the spirit Hannah had many years ago (1 Samuel 1:11, 27–28), Jon and Kristine prayed months ago, “Lord, if You give us a child, we will give that child back to You.” I’m thankful for Jon and Kristine’s commitment to raise Delanie for the Lord.

    Delanie’s name means “victorious,” and we look forward to the day when she finds her true victory in Christ by trusting Him as her Saviour. We are praying that she will be saved at an early age. (more…)