1. My Prayer for Spiritual Leadership Conference

    March 21, 2016 by Paul Chappell


    By now, preparations for Spiritual Leadership Conference in June are underway at a weekly—even daily—level.

    But even as we prepare the conference details and logistics, I’m asking the Lord to work in this conference this year in three very specific ways:

    Repentance resulting in humility

    As preachers, we’re often urging others to repent. We deliver God’s Word and ask people to respond by humbling themselves and receiving God’s grace.

    But if we’re not regular repenters ourselves, we become proud. And when we’re proud, God resists us. (more…)

  2. Update from Spiritual Leadership Conference Asia

    February 3, 2016 by Paul Chappell


    It would be hard to describe the level of prayer, planning, and preparation that preceded Spiritual Leadership Conference Asia.

    And it would also be hard to describe the level of blessing God is placing on it. It’s overwhelming to see what God is doing.

    I plan to write more later, but I wanted to post a quick update now to share what the Lord is doing and thank partners who have been interceding with us for the conference this week in Manila. (For snapshots moments of what the Lord has been doing, see the pictures I’ve been posting to Twitter and Facebook.)

    Several months before the conference, we chose the theme “striving together for Asia and beyond.” I have been so encouraged by the real striving together that has taken place leading up to and during this conference. This hasn’t been “striving together” in name only, but in Spirit-filled reality. (more…)

  3. 7 Prayer Requests for Spiritual Leadership Conference Asia

    January 25, 2016 by Paul Chappell


    Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:—2 Thessalonians 3:1

    That’s what we are praying for Spiritual Leadership Conference Asia February 1–3, 2016—that God’s Word would have freedom and work in lives.

    This conference is an undertaking of incredible magnitude, and we’re praying that it results in abundant fruit in one of the most needy areas of the world—the 10/40 window. This area contains over four billion people, and 95 percent of these are unreached with the gospel.

    The great need of the 10/40 window makes this area one of the most potentially influential in the spread of the gospel—the cutting edge region in worldwide missions harvest.

    Will you pray with us for this conference? And will you pray specifically for the following needs? (more…)

  4. For Laborers in Asian Harvest Fields…

    January 7, 2016 by Paul Chappell


    I’ll never forget my first missions trip to the Philippines in 1975. I remember going up into the mountains to village churches—and to villages with no churches. I remember the extreme poverty. But more than the physical poverty, I remember being taken aback by the immense spiritual need, open hearts, and need for gospel work.

    Today, the need for laborers across Asia is still great. Considering the population to missionary ratio, it’s a greater need than it’s ever been.

    Yet, we’re encouraged that over the past decades the Lord has called many missionaries to serve across Asia who are investing their lives in planting churches and training national pastors.

    Additionally, the Lord has raised up many national laborers across Asia who are preaching the gospel as pastors, evangelists, and missionaries. (Today, the Philippines is one of the highest missionary-sending nations in the world.)

    It is for these missionaries and national pastors that we have planned Spiritual Leadership Conference Asia to be held in Manila, February 1–3, 2016. Already, the response has been overwhelming with missionaries and national pastors coming from over fifteen countries. With just the people already registered, this conference will be a historic event—the largest gathering of independent Baptists in Asia of which I am aware. (more…)

  5. Spiritual Leadership—The Choice Is Yours

    January 6, 2016 by Paul Chappell

    There are many styles of leadership—some biblical and some unbiblical. But there is no question that the world needs spiritual leaders today as never before—men and women of God who are Spirit-filled and reaching the world with the gospel.

    We’re asking the Lord to use these three conferences in 2016 to encourage, equip, and edify the hearts of leaders around the world. Please pray for us as we prepare for these needful meetings.

    January 17-20, 2016 | Spanish Leadership Conference, Lancaster, California
    carlos_navarrete alejandro_cordova david_cortes ezequiel_salazar
    Paul Chappell Carlos Navarrete Alejandro Cordova David Cortes Ezekiel Salazar


    February 1-3, 2016 | Spiritual Leadership Conference, Asia, Manila, Philippines
    Paull Chappell Tom Farrell Rick Martin David Gibbs Jr. Don Sisk R.B. Ouellette


    June 12-15, 2016 | Spiritual Leadership Conference, Lancaster, California
    john-goetsch_0 rb_ouellette_1 doug-fisher_0 kurt-skelly_0 david_gibbs_jr_1
    Paul Chappell John Goetsch R.B. Ouellette Doug Fisher Kurt Skelly David Gibbs, Jr.