1. Growth Points 33: My Five Summer Objectives

    June 24, 2013 by Paul Chappell

    Every season is a gift from the Lord and should be used effectively for Him. Summer is a unique season that affords extra opportunities for growth, enrichment, and renewal—if we plan wisely.

    I always have a long list going into summer of what I want to accomplish. But I’ve broken my list into five categories—objectives every Christian should strive for. In this week’s Growth Points video, I share these goals:

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    1. Spiritual depth

    Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving.—Colossians 2:7

    There ought to be a hunger in our heart to know Jesus more! Of course, I spend time in God’s Word and in prayer year round, but in the summer, I work to carve out extra periods of time for intentional growth in my walk with God. I want to take the opportunity to become more deeply rooted in Christ—establishing roots for greater fruit in the fall season of ministry. (more…)

  2. 5 Tips to Developing an Effective Summer Routine

    June 15, 2011 by Paul Chappell

    Summer is one of the best times for making memories and becoming more productive. The longer evening hours make for great family and ministry time, and the changes in our routines that happen around this time of year, are the perfect opportunity to take a fresh look at our goals and plan our priorities.

    Perhaps it’s the old school days mentality, but for many people, summer tends toward unproductivity—as in a break from responsibility and growth. For some, it even becomes a time of spiritual slippage.

    How can you harness the energy of summer into creating an effective summer routine? Here are a few tips: (more…)