1. Into the Harvest: The Purpose of West Coast Baptist College

    May 7, 2014 by Paul Chappell


    Since West Coast Baptist College opened its doors in 1995, our goal has never been students, but graduates. Although graduates must first be students, our focus is getting laborers out to the harvest field.

    By the grace of God and to His glory, there are currently almost 1,600 WCBC alumni serving the Lord around the globe. After today’s commencement exercises, that number will jump to over 1,800 alumni. We praise the Lord for the opportunity today to send the largest graduating class yet into the Lord’s harvest.

    As I was praying for this graduating class of 2014, I reviewed our college purpose statement and thought, with thankfulness, of so many of our graduates who are living this out in their ministries today:

    We exist to develop servant leaders with a heart for God who are committed to the Word, compassionate toward the lost, and compelled to change communities for Christ.

    Indeed, we need these kinds of leaders today: (more…)

  2. 4 Reasons to Join Us on the Alaska Cruise

    April 25, 2014 by Paul Chappell


    In just over three months our ministry is hosting an adventure of a lifetime—a cruise through the magnificent beauty of Alaska.

    The cruise takes place August 9–16, and there are plenty of reasons to jump on board. Here are just four:

    1. Breathtaking Beauty—Together we will depart from Seattle and enjoy seven days cruising the untouched natural beauty of Alaska—visiting Ketchikan, Juneau, Sawyer Glacier, Skagway, and Victoria, BC. We will experience the awesome majesty of God’s creation up close.
    2. Fellowship with Christian Friends—Bible-believing Christians across the country take part in this adventure, making it a time of sweet Christian fellowship where friendships are forged.
    3. Inspiring preaching and worship services—There’s nothing like being surrounded by the magnificence of God’s creation and then joining with others in worship. Each evening we will have encouraging music and helpful preaching. Special music will be provided by the Blunkall family and a West Coast Baptist College tour group. As the cruise host, I will be speaking, along with Dr. David Gibbs Jr., Dr. R.B. Ouellette, Dr. Dave McCoy, and Dr. Don Sisk.
    4. Memories of a lifetime—The trip is rich history in and memory-making opportunities. From whale sightings to fishing to on-shore excursions, this is a trip of unforgettable experiences. (View a full cruise itinerary at wcbc.edu/alaska-cruise.)

    This is our third time to host this adventure, and the first two trips were unforgettable. I hope you’ll consider joining us for this spiritually refreshing and absolutely awe-inspiring trip!

    To register or to find out more about the cruise, please visit www.wcbc.edu/alaska-cruise or give us a call at 800.688.6329 x135. Templeton Tours, our travel partner in this trip, has a flexible payment plan that will help you prepare for the journey.

  3. Ministry Moment: Ordination of WCBC Korean Graduates

    October 10, 2013 by Paul Chappell


    Thirty-five years ago, my parents went to South Korea as missionaries. I was a young teenager at the time, and this was a difficult transition for me. I missed America, and I wasn’t excited about living in Korea.

    As time unfolded, however, this move proved to be one of the greatest blessings of my life. In Korea, I surrendered my heart more fully to the Lord, and God confirmed His call on my life to serve in ministry. Additionally, lifelong friendships were forged that continue to this day. God gave me a love for Korean people and a broader perspective of the harvest fields of the world.

    It has been a joy for us to train a large number of Korean students at West Coast Baptist College. Last week, three of our finest graduates—Jonah Seo, Jimmy Pak, and Paul Choi—were ordained at Bible Baptist Church in Gardena, California. I was honored and delighted to be invited by Pastor Timothy Choi to preach their ordination service.

    All three of these men have the hand of God on their lives and are already seeing fruit in ministry as soulwinners and preachers of the gospel. Jonah Seo is already pastoring, Jimmy Pak serves as an assistant pastor at Bible Baptist, and Paul Choi serves as youth pastor now while preparing to plant a church in Irvine, California, next year. (more…)

  4. Ripple Investments

    September 7, 2013 by Paul Chappell


    It’s that time of year once again, and our campus is filled with college students! Our nineteenth year of West Coast Baptist College began on Monday. It was a joy to greet returning students and welcome new students. We praise the Lord for these students and for the opportunity to partner with their home pastors and parents in their education.

    As I met new students and their families on Monday, I couldn’t help but think of the many mentors who have invested in my life. Dr. Tom Malone, Dr. Curtis Hutson,  Dr. Lee Roberson, Dr. Don Sisk, and others—so many men have given of themselves to me. I’m thankful for their influence, and I’m grateful to be able to invest in the lives of others.

    As I preached in college chapel this week, I sensed in our students a genuineness to learn all that God has for them and an eagerness to serve the Lord with their whole heart. I thank the Lord for the privilege of investing in the lives of men and women as they prepare to spread the gospel message worldwide. (more…)

  5. Launch Out: an Interview with Andrew Reed

    May 16, 2013 by Paul Chappell

    As we approach Spiritual Leadership Conference, I’ve asked a few of the conference speakers to participate in brief interviews regarding what is involved in launching out by faith. I believe you’ll find their perspectives both helpful and faith-building.

    This interview is with Pastor Andrew Reed. Pastor Reed has served as the senior pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Cortez, Colorado, for the past six years. Brother Reed and his wife Angela are both graduates of West Coast Baptist College. I had the privilege of preaching his ordination last summer.


    What is an area in the past five years in which you’ve launched out by faith, and how has God blessed?

    About five years ago, our church was in a tough spot. I was a young pastor, and there were some difficulties I had inherited with the church. Particularly, some people were divided and resisting our leadership and vision.

    My wife and I were discouraged. Sometimes we wondered if we could even help the people. We regularly considered giving up on the church, thinking they needed an older and more experienced pastor. Thankfully, instead of quitting, we decided to trust God, love the people, and preach the Word.

    For us, launching out by faith was a commitment to stay in the deep water where God had called us. When we were uncertain about our future, we stayed, and we are so glad we did! Today the spirit of the church is better than it has ever been. Hardly a week goes by without someone being saved, baptized, or joining the church. (more…)