1. Prayerful Distinction of a WCBC Graduate

    May 6, 2015 by Paul Chappell


    There was no way I could have known twenty years ago, when we welcomed the first group of students to West Coast Baptist College, what a joy it would be years down the road to see WCBC graduates serving the Lord in fruitful ministry.

    It seems now that wherever I travel to preach (including mission fields), I’m either preaching for or meeting up with WCBC alumni who are faithfully serving the Lord in that area. I so appreciate the labor of our graduates and the spirit with which they serve. It is a thrill to hear—whether in person or via written updates—what the Lord is allowing them to accomplish for Him.

    In today’s twentieth commencement exercises, we welcome some two hundred new graduates to the ranks of our alumni, including the two thousandth WCBC graduate. In just a few short weeks, this graduating class will be scattered around the world spreading the gospel of Christ. (more…)

  2. The Leo Walther Legacy

    May 4, 2015 by Paul Chappell

    with Leo Walther

    You know who I wish could be at the twentieth commencement exercise for West Coast Baptist College this week? Leo Walther.

    And even though in my head I know that Heaven is infinitely better than college graduations, in my heart, I sort of think Leo would like to be here too—or at least to watch from the grandstands of glory.

    WCBC alumni, and current upperclassmen as well, know exactly what I mean. If there was ever a man who loved West Coast Baptist College and its students, it was Leo Walther.

    Leo’s Story

    I remember the day Leo Walther first came to Lancaster Baptist Church. He was fifty-seven years old, and he wasn’t in church because he had a hunger for truth. For years, Leo’s wife, Evelyn, had prayed for his salvation and had asked him to attend church with her. He wouldn’t go, however, saying he would be a hypocrite to attend church because of the business he owned—a liquor store.

    But when Leo and Evelyn’s son and daughter-in-law moved to Lancaster and two soulwinners from Lancaster Baptist came by their home to welcome them to the community, the young couple agreed to attend church. When they called to tell Evelyn, she convinced Leo that she and Leo needed to drive the sixty miles from Sunland to Lancaster and go to church to support their children. He grudgingly agreed to attend “this once.” (more…)

  3. If Ministry Matters…

    April 25, 2015 by Paul Chappell

    When Paul wrote to young Timothy, he emphasized the importance of the ministry—specifically of serving as a “good minister.”

    If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained.—1 Timothy 4:6

    Our hearts’ desire at West Coast Baptist College is to train up a new generation of men and women who will be good ministers—servants—of Christ.

    We believe that ministry really does matter. And because it matters, we believe the following four areas matter as well:

    (If you cannot see this video in your RSS reader or email, you can watch it here.)

    Your Spiritual Life Matters

    The most gifted spiritual leader can’t ignore their spiritual life—not without repercussions. (more…)

  4. Sending out Another Laborer

    April 15, 2015 by Paul Chappell


    Eight years ago this week—at a West Coast Baptist Youth Conference—God called my niece, Amie Richard, to missions. And this past Sunday night, we had the opportunity to send her out as a Lancaster Baptist Church missionary.

    After that Youth Conference eight years ago, Amie came to West Coast Baptist College to train for missions. During her freshman year, God confirmed His call on her life, and after her junior year, she had the opportunity to travel to Thailand where the Lord impressed on her heart that this was the field in which she should serve.

    Amie graduated from WCBC in 2013 with a degree in elementary education, and she began the deputation trail shortly after graduation—with extreme diligence. Before completing deputation, Amie had been in over one hundred churches to share her burden for Thailand. (more…)

  5. WCBC Graduate Interview: Caleb Sargent

    April 1, 2015 by Paul Chappell

    In celebration of the twentieth year of West Coast Baptist College, I am posting interviews with WCBC alumni who are serving around the world.

    This month’s interview is with Caleb Sargent, who graduated from WCBC in 2010 with a major in Pastoral Theology and in 2011 with a Master’s in Bible. I’ve always appreciated Caleb’s heart for the Lord and his passion for making a real difference through serving in ministry. It is a joy to see him and his wife, Ruthy, impacting young lives in youth ministry.


    In what ministry and role do you currently serve?

    My wife, Ruthy, and I currently serve at Christchurch Baptist Fellowship in Houston, Texas, under Dr. Johnny Pope. I came on staff in 2011 as the youth pastor, and my responsibilities have grown to include other assistant pastoral duties since then, such as our missions department, children’s ministry, and outreach efforts. My wife also works in our church offices as the administrative assistant and youth ministries secretary.

    What is a way in which you have seen God’s blessing in ministry over the past twelve months?

    In the last twelve months God has shown Himself strong on our behalf in our youth ministry at Christchurch. My greatest desire for any teenager is for them to grow from an inherited religion and scheduled regimen to a personal relationship with Jesus. This year, the theme for our youth ministry has been “JESUS>” (Jesus Is Greater Than). Every Sunday school lesson and sermon has been built around the truth that Jesus truly IS greater than any other friendship, activity, habit, or pursuit. (more…)