Thank You

November 11, 2011 by Paul Chappell

Today we remember veterans—men and women who have given of themselves for our freedom. And I’m thankful for every one of them—from the minutemen of the war for independence to the heroic Americans serving today in the deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq.

I never had the privilege of serving in our nation’s armed forces. God called me to preach as a young teenager, and I’ve given my life to “Fight the good fight of faith” (1 Timothy 6:12).

Yet, I am acutely aware—today especially—that the liberty I enjoy to preach the Gospel was paid for by untold ranks of courageous soldiers.

Many of these soldiers have already paid the ultimate sacrifice. But to every veteran still with us, I wish to say, “thank you.”

Thank you for fighting for my freedom. Thank you for protecting my liberty. Thank you for giving of yourselves so that all across our nation—and in many other places around the globe—Christians might freely proclaim the name of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Thank you, brother, for your encouraging words. I covet your continued prayers for the ministry the Lord has given to me and my family. It is an honor to preach God’s Word to the men and women of our nation’s military.

    Serving America’s Fighting Congregation,
    +Ch Anderson

    Comment by Richard G. Anderson — November 11, 2011 @ 12:34 pm

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